Getting Started

Foraged Mushroom Bisque 14
Gluten Free 

Carrot Salad 17

West Grow Farms Watercress Salad Gluten Free 17

Bison Carpaccio 20


Harvest Room Board 120 for 2

Fairmont Mac is proudly celebrating local farmers and sustainable food, by showcasing both on one board. Our chefs will curate a platter of three local meats, or Ocean Wise Salmon & Cod from our seasonal menu, complete with chef’s choice of vegetables and sauces. It’s perfect for sharing!

Main Event

Heritage Beef Tenderloin 46

Proudly serving Alberta Beef
Leek Potato Puree, Salt Baked Beets, Charred Green Onion

Beef Short Rib 42

Braised Short Rib, Pickled Mustard, Crispy Onion, Red Mill Grits

Pan Seared Chicken 36

Pepper Sauce, Pan Roasted Roots

Cod 38

Lemon Grass Ginger broth, potatoes, Winter Mushrooms

Sacchetti 36
Nut Free & Vegetarian

Black Truffle & Ricotta, Brown Butter, Chive



Buttermilk Mash 8
Brussels Sprouts 8
Crispy Cauliflower 8
Roasted Fingerlings 8

Sweet Surrender

Ginger Pudding 10

Grand Marnier Toffee Sauce, Maple Walnut, Vanilla Ice Cream

Pot de Crème 10

HC Valentines Coffee, Hazelnut Brickle, Meringue

Burnt Honey Ice Cream 9


Parties of 8 and above are subject to an automatic 18% gratuity