Power Breakfasts

In House Power Granola Parfait 12

Fresh fruit, Mac honey yogurt, blueberries,
organic granola

Bircher Muesli 14

Bircher muesli, granny smith apple, peaches, fresh berries

Apple & Saskatoon Oatmeal 14

Organic steel cut oats, banana, saskatoon berry compote, toasted almonds

Vegan Bowl 16

Avocado & berry smoothie, banana, fresh berries, hemp & chia seeds

Smoked Salmon Bagel 16

Whole wheat bagel, cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon & dill goat cheese spread, house pickled red onion, greens

Super Green Smoothie (gluten free) 12

Wheatgrass, kale, ginger, green apple, mango, chia seeds, mint

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald proudly serves Free Range, Organic Eggs in our dishes.

Quick Start Buffet

Continental 21.5

Selection of fresh fruit, smoked salmon, domestic cheeses, yogurts, assorted cereals

  • includes coffee or tea & juice

Full Buffet 31.5

In addition to our continental offerings a full selection of eggs benedict, french toast or pancakes, crispy bacon & sausage, scrambled eggs & breakfast potatoes

  • includes coffee or tea & juice

Buffet Monday to Friday 6:30 -10 am & à la carte until 11 am Buffet and à la carte:


Served with savory potatoes & roasted vine ripe tomatoes, choice of: toast | gluten free toast

choice of: Canadian back bacon | artisan chicken & apple sausage one protein | pork sausage

Prairie Omelet egg whites available 23

Boar bacon lardons, charred peppers, tomatoes, green onion, smoked apple wood Cheddar cheese

Chefs Garden Omelet gluten free 23

Egg whites, bell peppers, green onions, tomato, goat cheese

Omelet – The way you like it 21

choose 3: ham | bacon | chorizo | tomato | green onion |spinach | feta cheese I smoked Cheddar cheese asparagus I peppers


Served with poached local farm fresh eggs, toasted English muffin, hollandaise, savory potatoes & roasted vine ripe tomatoes.


Classic 22

Harvest Mushroom 20

Dungeness Crab, Avocado 26


The Harvest Breakfast 24

Two farm fresh eggs any style, double-smoked bacon heirloom potatoes, roasted vine ripe tomato, sliced fruit

choice of: toast I gluten free toast
choice of: artisan chicken & apple sausage
one protein pork sausage

Avocado Toast 21

Country bread, farm fresh egg, smashed avocado, pickles, hollandaise, berry salad, with a super green smoothie

Huevos Rancheros gluten free 22

Two poached eggs, black beans, avocado, tomatillo salsa, feta, cilantro, corn tortilla

From the Griddle

Served with whipped cream, mixed berry compote & warm maple syrup.

Peaches & Cream Stuffed French Toast 20

Cinnamon brioche, peach, mascarpone

Classic French Toast 17

Banana cinnamon compote

Confederation Pancakes gluten free option available 16

Blueberry compote, whipped cream
choice of: buttermilk | whole wheat

Harvest Room Waffles 18

Whipped vanilla cream, berries

Brisket & Waffles 21

Waffles, smoked brisket, poached egg, hollandaise

Add coffee or tea & juice to any breakfast entree 8

Side Dishes

Bagel & cream cheese 7
Canadian back bacon 7
Pork sausage 7
Chicken apple sausage 7
Cottage cheese 6
Plain or fruit yogurt 6
Seasonal berries 10
Sliced fruit plate 8


Cafe latte 6
Cappuccino 6
Coffee 5
Espresso 5
Hot chocolate 5
Fresh orange, grapefruit or juice of the day 5
Lot 35 tea 5
2%, skim or chocolate milk 4

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